Hey there!

We are Jardin 33

We are local artisans committed to sustainable living and to treating our environment and people with respect and fairness.


We strive to maintain a small footprint, keep our waste low and conserve energy by recycling whatever we can, upcycling what we can’t recycle, using up all waste except for plastic on the property and producing organic fruit and vegetables respecting permaculture principles.


We seek to empower others to view the world and their part in it in alternative ways by hosting workshops on permaculture, ceramics and home-made food and hygiene products.

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Mission Statement

Sustainable living
is a state of mind.
A choice to live, work responsibly, upcycling and empowering people to leave a minimal footprint.

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Get guidance for a better version of you.


Let's get active !


Visit us at the market

We will be at the Vevey food market every Tuesday form 8am until 12pm!